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Your prepaid fuel card

To say thanks for choosing heycar, you now claim a fuel card on us, to get you to wherever your new wheels might take you.

Your Prepaid Fuel Card is provided by our partner Prepaid Financial Services. You must claim your prepaid fuel card no later than 31st December 2022.

How to claim your prepaid fuel card

1) Once you've filled in the form below, you'll see a 'Confirmation' page with your application reference code and you will also receive an application confirmation to the email address provided.

2) We'll send your Prepaid Fuel Card, already loaded with the relevant amount, in the post, to the address you gave us. We'll send it within 21 days, with some instructions on how to activate your card.

3) Once you have activated your card (and you have your card's PIN number), visit any UK fuel station to use the relevant spend on your card making sure you make your purchase(s) in-store and not at the self-service payment pumps. You can't use your Prepaid Fuel Card to part pay for a fuel purchase. For example, you can't purchase £60 of fuel and look to pay the first £50 with your card (if there is only £50 on your card), you can use your card for more than one fuel purchase. For example, you can purchase £20 of fuel in one transaction and purchase £30 in another transaction etc.

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